About Schizandra Berry

"Schizandra Berry Drink by TeaAnna is a simple, yet unique blend of flavors combined in an uplifting and refreshing beverage to be enjoyed by all.

Locally created by Kazakhstan-born young entrepreneur Anna Harris, who has a passion to share the natural goodness of a refreshing drink. This drink was tasted and highly approved by a test group.

Spring water in combination with Schisandra berry; a super berry, native to China and Russia, sweet, salty, sour, tart and bitter at the same time lightly sweetened with honey, is an ideal on-the-go beverage to quench thirst as well as to strengthen immune system. It also helps to improve physical endurance, mental performance, lower blood sugar and improve libido in both men and women.

How to order TeaAnna Drink /click here to order...

Please click HERE to order Schizandra Berry Health Drink. The minimum order comes in six 10 oz bottles. To ensure the best experience, please let us know the amount of the order and we will process it in the order it is received.