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  • "You are what you eat" - with these simple words of wisdom we are dedicated to share our knowledge and experience with those who’ve ran out of cooking ideas. Those who don't have time to cook while maintaining a busy schedule as well as those with complicated diets such as lactose-intolerant, gluten-free, low-crab - you name it! Our attentive staff can help you to come up with a meal plan to achieve your dietary goals and needs.

Our service in 4 steps / more about process...

  Your order

All the details of your order discussed in advance via phone or email.

  Menu time

Once your order is placed, we create a menu for your event.

  Food is on

We cook your food prior to your event to ensure its freshness.

  Ready to serve

We deliver your food in a timely manner for you to enjoy.

Our principals

Anna and Anna Catering is highly oriented on food nutritional properties without sacrificing the flavor. To achieve this, we are using the freshest ingredients to create the satisfying meals to please an eye and keep taste buds happy.

Our key secret to success is an exceptional customer service-we do all it takes to keep our customers happy. From the moment you submit your request, our busy team stays on top of every step to deliver the highest quality.

Please keep in mind that Anna & Anna cares about the environment by using recyclable food containers.

Learn About Our Food

We are offering meal plans and menu items that would suit each and every one, regardless of the type of diet, allergies and personal preferences. You can choose from the following options:

Mixed diet

Whether you enjoy meat or fish, grains or greens- we've got it all covered.


Flavourful full course meals, snacks and desserts are all here for you to explore.


If you enjoy prehistoric diet- you've come to the right place--high quality ingredients are pared with the best recipes.

Special/Restricted Diets

Whether you have food allergies or food sensitivities- we'll help you every step of the way.

What's TeaAnna?

TeaAnna is a local beverage company. We are specializing in producing health drinks made with Schizandra Berry. Our goal is to share the goodness of these delicious drinks with others and teach about the amazing benefits of this superberry.

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Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry Honey sweetened drink comes in 10oz clear glass bottles and contains only 60 calories per bottle and total carbohydrate content is 18grams per bottle. It is made of only three basic ingredients- spring water, Schisandra berry and pure honey.

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How to order TeaAnna Drink /click here to order...

Please click HERE to order Schizandra Berry Health Drink. The minimum order comes in six 10oz bottles. To ensure the best experience, please let us know the amount of the order and we will process it in the order it is received.